Instructions: TV Remotes & Call Features


Remote Features & TV Support

Restore TV Channel Order

New channels or changes to channels will first appear on your Channel Guide in an improper numerical sequence. To get these new channels in proper numerical order in your guide, follow these simple instructions:

  1. With your TV set on, press the “Menu” button on the remote control provided by Halstad Telephone.
  2. Press the “Arrow button” down to the box titled “Set up the Channels,” and press “Select” on your remote.
  3. Press the “Arrow button” to “Change Channel Order,” and press “Select” on your remote.
  4. A list of channels should now appear on your TV screen. On the left side of the screen is a box titled: “Reset Channels.” Depress the left arrow key to make that box turn yellow. Then press “Select” on your remote.
  5. A new screen will appear on the TV, which shows two boxes marked “OK” and “Cancel.” With the “OK” box highlighted in yellow, press “Select.” You should then see a message appear on the screen that says “The Channel order has been reset.” This means you have successfully reset all the channels into proper numerical order.
  6. Depress the “Exit” button numerous times until you get a full view of the TV screen.

If you have more than one TV with its own remote, you will need to repeat the above process for each TV.


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