How Your Cooperative Works

You’re an Automatic Member

As a cooperative, improving the quality of life for each member is the mission Halstad Telephone Company.  We invest in you.

  • You automatically become a member-owner when you simply purchase qualifying services with us.
  • As a member, you are entitled to cash-back benefits through capital credits.  You are investing and receiving dividends, simply by purchasing services you would anyway.
  • Voting rights.  Gone are the days of relying on big, far-away corporations.  With Halstad Telephone Company, you choose local community representatives to oversee the cooperative on your behalf.
  • You get access to the latest technologies because we reinvest in you. This means the communities served by Halstad Telephone will be set to thrive well into the future with communication services ready for whatever the future brings as we deliver DIRECT fiber-optics to you.
  • And not coincidentally, access to this DIRECT fiber-optic technology increases real estate values for you–up to 8% more actual value!

Cash dividends, increased real estate value, and a strong community are yours when you choose Halstad Telephone Company.


Halstad Telephone Company History

On November 21, 1903, a small group of Halstad farmers and businessmen met in the local lumberyard to discuss the possibility of constructing a telephone system in and around Halstad, Minnesota. The committee members met throughout the remaining days of the year and on January 11, of 1904, they agreed to set up a mutual telephone company – a cooperative owned by its subscribers. The challenge was on. A rural telephone system was completely new to this area, and very few members of the community had even seen a telephone.

Over the years, Halstad Telephone Company has grown to include Halstad, Shelly, Nielsville, Climax, Fisher, and Bygland, MN and provides serive to Hillsboro and Caledonia, ND. It also provides Internet and TV services to these members and has expanded its Internet coverage to the neighboring areas of East Grand Forks and Crookston, MN and Grand Forks, ND.

Today Halstad Telephone Company provides a wide variety of services through the most modern switching and transmission equipment available, including digital switching and fiber optic networks.