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At Halstad Telephone we’re investing in fun technology that brings you:

Ultra-High-Speed Internet | TV Entertainment | Telephone | Mobile Services

The technology we have in some areas, and are building in others, is DIRECT fiber-optics which secures the future of residents and communities in our rural areas for the long-term.  And it’s because, as your local cooperative, we’re committed to YOU instead of private shareholders.

Along with our full range of services, get to know your expert HTC customer service and technical support staff.  They will help you make sense of options, explain, and support the technologies along the way.  You simply enjoy.

Where We Serve

Halstad Telephone Company (HTC) is a local cooperative delivering state-of-the-art telecommunication products and services to North Dakota’s Hillsboro and Minnesota’s Halstad, Shelly, Nielsville, Climax, Bygland and Fisher communities.

Cooperative Membership Cash Returns

That means you automatically become a member-owner when you simply purchase qualifying services with us.  As a member, you are then entitled to cash-back benefits through capital credits.  You won’t get that with any cable giant’s services.  You are investing and receiving dividends, simply by purchasing services you would anyway.

What is DIRECT Fiber and Why Does It Matter?

A fiber-optic line is the highest quality communication line available. Yet don’t be fooled.  Many companies like the giant cable operators say they are fiber ‘rich’.  That’s not the same.  At Halstad Telephone we connect (or will be) the highest quality line—fiber-optics—DIRECTLY to your home or business. It’s this direct connection that sets you up for whatever the future holds.  It’s simply vital for rural areas.

Today it’s for internet, TV, and telephone services.  Tomorrow is anyone’s guess.  But DIRECT fiber-optics are ready.

Did You Know?  Direct Fiber Increases Your Home Value!

According to the Fiber-to-the-Home Council, fiber-optics directly connected to your home or business adds 5 to 8% increased real estate value.  It’s because people don’t just ‘want’ access to advanced communication services, they NEED it and will pay more for homes connected to the best technologies.

How We Began

We’ve been a cooperative since 1904.  We began with ‘plain old telephone service’ and now HTC helps more than 4,000 subscribers connect to others via the Internet, telephone, TV and business data services.  From business credit card transactions to bringing children access to fun and entertainment, we’re here for it all.

A Community Partner

Halstad Telephone is also involved with communities they serve. Our employee’s volunteer on local boards, serve the fire department and deliver meals on wheels to area residents. Halstad Telephone is a loyal and integral part of the social and economic fabric of our small towns and farms.

We’re investing in technology… because we believe you and your rural community.

Join us!  Choose Halstad Telephone today!

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